About Us- Founder of Supr Nova Wrists

About Us- Founder of Supr Nova Wrists

Here’s why…

I have always lived an active and adventurous life.
As a teenager, I had already worked as a dolphin
trainer in the Bahamas and in Hawaii. Being a
dolphin trainer was something I had wanted to do for
most of my life.
After I was married, I followed
another one of my dreams and adopted twin boys
and became a mom. So, I was a dolphin trainer,
scuba diver, dancer and mom. I raised my sons in
Idaho far from any oceans, so this started a
completely different chapter in my life.
My life did not become any less active for I loved being a mom
and became very invested in their activities,
especially football. Football became a strong passion
and I found myself coaching their flag football
teams. This led to me starting a foundation that
helped pay for all kids to be able to participate in
team sports and to opening a nonprofit football
academy to help players become better students and
citizens in their communities.
It was during this time in my life that I began to start
feeling a wide array of medical problems. I began
seeing doctors, but I never could get any answers. I
continued working for as long as physically possible,
but I got to the point where I would pass out so
frequently that it was no longer safe for me to work.
Having always been very active, this was
devastating to me.

Now to back up some, as a child
and through college, I was a dancer. I loved dance,
but ‘wow’ was it ever hard for me. I was so uncoordinated
and had no rhythm, but I loved it so I practiced late
every day and eventually I would say I became a
pretty good dancer.
I tell you this because I was not
known for being into the arts and crafting was like a
foreign language to me. Knowing that, I don’t think
anyone, even myself, would ever imagine I would be
making bracelets. I started with pony beads making
them for my sons, and then I just started making
more and before I knew it, I was studying different
gems and learning professional techniques.
Around this time, I learned that I had two different
types of cancer and that I would not be able to return
to working the way I was before I became sick.
So, what did I do? I made more bracelets. My
unimaginable hobby has now become my full time
job and I love it. I never dreamed I would love
expressing myself through creating jewelry, but I
guess it’s like how some people write music to get
through difficult times. I find it very rewarding and
love making unique pieces and discovering new
gemstones to incorporate into them. Just as with
everything I have done in life, I pride myself on
using high quality stones and products, yet selling
them at an affordable price so that everyone can
experience wearing them.

I know this is not what the “About us” section on a business site usually
sounds like, but it’s my truth and I have never feared
being brutally honest.

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